2017 Annual Report




Ryan Curran


What was life like before  Jesus?  

From an early age, I struggled with identity and I carried that same conflict into my young adulthood. I found myself in situations that I thought I could handle but couldn’t. I struggled with a lot of anger. It was fueled by insecurity, based on feelings of abandonment. I became a father at a young age. God blessed me with two little boys and I thought my life was moving in a different direction. Unfortunately, that relationship wasn’t built on a solid foundation and I was left with even less of an identity than I had before. I think a large part of me always believed in God. I believed that there was a purpose for my life. But I hadn’t found it. I’d read books, watch documentaries, all in search of fulfillment or contentment in relationships. Starting one relationship, ending another, fracturing friendships. I was just walking away with pieces, not understanding what direction I was headed in or what my purpose was. I had two beautiful sons that needed a father and I tried to play the role. I pretended to be a good dad. I pretended to be a good companion, a good friend, but inside I was completely unfulfilled. I was looking for something. I must’ve missed it. It must’ve just gone right by me.  

How did you hear about Lifepoint?

[I was talking to a friend] on the phone for a while. We were talking about faith in God and she ended up inviting me to church. When I got there, Pastor Daniel talked about purpose. He talked about living life fully alive. And I continued to come back. In 2014 I decided to stand up on Christmas Eve and give my life to Christ. 

How has attending Lifepoint changed your life?

If it weren’t for Lifepoint, I wouldn’t have had these opportunities to connect with others, serve alongside close friends, and be obedient to God. I know that from obedience, my relationships with others, my relationship with my children, my relationship with my wife has been enriched and it wasn’t because of my doing. It was because I finally understood my identity is in Christ. I’m not fighting to hold onto my individualism any longer. 

It has made a huge difference in my family’s life. Being obedient to God has helped me connect with my sons on a level that I was never going to be able to on my own. I can be vulnerable in front of my wife. I don’t have to have this exterior any longer. I can apologize to my children. I can own my behavior. I can repair relationships with trust. Our marriage is now built firmly on our commitment to and our trust in Christ. I don’t know where I would be had Katie not invited me to church.


Weekly Attendance — 15% Increase








Michelle McLure


What is God showing you right now?   

He’s showing me that, though life may not always be easy, by walking with and believing in God it helps me know there is something more. I can breathe and know there is goodness in everything, if I just believe that God has a plan.

How has attending Lifepoint changed your life?

Pastor Daniel and the Lifepoint Richmond campus literally saved my life. On Sunday, August 27th, I was in the darkest place I had ever been. I was desperately seeking my saving grace and I found it that day in the words Pastor Daniel spoke. The First-Time Guest Team gave me hope that I could be lifted out of the pit of despair I had dug myself into. Lifepoint has helped me to start finding my purpose and voice in life. It gave me a focal point to believe again and to search out something bigger than myself.

Why did you make the decision to be water baptized? 

It started the first day I went to Lifepoint Church. I had not been to church for many, many years. And on August 27th, I decided to go. It was the last day of the series Fresh Air. That sermon hit home on so many levels. I learned that I needed to stop, to breathe in, and believe in something bigger. I needed to stop compartmentalizing everything. After the service, I walked outside, and the water baptism pool was setup. Being curious about church and how things work, I went over and asked. In that moment, I felt like it was the right choice. I knew I needed to just submerge myself in this life and this belief. But my questions and concerns kept me from doing it that day. Over the next few weeks, I asked questions, learned about what it meant to be water baptized, and then decided it was time to submerge my life in Christ and walk with God. I wanted to be a better person. Being baptized was a sign of submerging and submitting myself to this new life with Christ.


"I can breathe and know there is goodness in everything, if I just believe that God has a plan."