2017 Annual Report




Anthony Doloce


When did you start attending Lifepoint?  

I started attending in September of last year and I’ve been attending regularly ever since.  

How did you hear about Lifepoint?

I rent a room out in my house to a cook that works for me. He was associated with Lifepoint in Fredericksburg and knows a lot of people there. He found out that they started a campus in Richmond, and Glen Allen High School is less than a mile from my house. I was like, all right, cool, let’s go check it out. And everything about it was amazing!

Church isn’t just on Sundays.

What is God showing you now?

Well, it’s funny but God is actually calling me to be a pastor myself. I just got accepted to Liberty University and I start my undergraduate degree in May in Biblical Studies.

How has attending Lifepoint changed your life?

The culture of Lifepoint is something that has always been missing [from my life]. It’s an environment that’s hard to describe unless you actually come and experience it for yourself. The culture of Lifepoint has literally changed my life. The passion, the fire, everything has returned, and it’s an amazing feeling.

How has being in a group impacted your life?

I decided to get sober in December of last year. I had been drinking alcohol for probably 25 years. Pastor Brent and Jordan Colle (Richmond location staff) helped me understand how important community is. The fellowship that I have with the men’s group that I attend is amazing. They’re literally just as close to me as any family friend that I’ve ever had. And I know that they are always just a call away. It’s been so helpful! Church isn’t just on Sundays. [Our group] gives us an opportunity to go over what we just heard on Sunday. It helps to reiterate the message throughout the week, so you can actually apply it to your life. I love this about groups! 



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2,080 people enrolled